Friday, August 29, 2014

A Double Dose Of Ky-Bosh

No matter the manner in which you put an explanation out there, there's always going to be a Doubting Thomas who will attempt to refute it.

I was going to expand on the posts from Clark and Jeff this week with additional tales of daring-do and our "team-ups" as such, when our threesome becomes a twosome as called for.

But then THIS letter showed up in the mailbox yesterday:

Hey, Unbelieva-Dorks:

Imagine the irony of your moniker regarding this week's "theme" (if that's what you want to call it).

News Flash: You can't fool us. There might be a few out there who take everything you say as gospel but believe me when I state you jerks have a huge following who revel in calling you on your bullshit. And specifically on one of you being a "third wheel" on select "cases."

You see, we read between the lines. We see through the hogwash and know you are in the midst of some pretty engaging turmoil where your group stands. We know the three core members of The Unbelievables - Clark, Jeff and Michael - are continually at odds with each other; it's a power struggle of rather larger proportion that creates a big mess within your ranks whenever any two of you head out without the third. Toes get stepped on ... egos get bruised. And what you guys do is either ignore those hurt feelings or pretend they don't exist.
Well, sorry. We don't buy it. It's just a matter of time before you stooges implode from all the backstabbing. And we'll be there with bells on to witness it all.
In anticipation, Trevor

Isn't it a kick how some people take things and run with them? A few tales in this week and "Trevor" has ascertained our trio is so fractured we're on the verge of collapse.

Don't worry, folks. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jeff, Clark and I are rock steady and solid through and through. There isn't any pending social shake-up, no jealousy chipping away at our veneer. There's no oneupsmanship and there certainly isn't any backstabbing. (Well, there is ... but it's all in good fun. And we've never let it well up to a point where it could do any damage.)

"Trevor" is winging it and simply has some warped ideas.

Dream on, Trevor ... dream on. 

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