Friday, August 15, 2014

Six degrees of The Three Degrees

Oh boy, The Three Degrees. Three beautiful ladies, combining for one super sexy sound. Those were actually very confusing days for The Unbelievables, but very fondly remembered.
For starters, like many musical acts over the years, the roster of TTD was in a near constant state of flux. As a result, there are actually no fewer than 15 women who held the mantle of Degree at one time or another. Of course, your question is was there ever any, um, dalliance between any members of The Unbelievables and The Three Degrees? Ahhhhh yup. Lots and lots of not only dallying but dillying as well, with ALL of The Unbelievables and ALL 15 of The Three Degrees. In addition to the dillying and dallying, there was also a great deal of swapping and sharing going on. There are thousands of possible different combinations of U's and D's and we did them all, most more than once. Before we met, there may have been six degrees of separation between us and The Three Degrees, but before long there were zero degrees of clothing between us. Mind you, the ladies always comported themselves with nothing but class and style. Still, there was many a night at the Unbelieva-base when the traffic pattern in the hallway during the late evening hours looked a lot like this...
Only with people, not cartoon characters
 Yes indeed, we loved those ladies. But we're not alone; Quentin Tarantino paid tribute in his "Kill Bill" opus when the titular Bill declared that "When Will I See You Again" was his favorite soul song of the '70s. I don't know why he felt the need to date-stamp the tune, as it's as great today as it ever was.

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