Friday, February 21, 2014

The reason for speed

The benefits of doing everything with speed are self-evident. Speed means fast means effective. The quicker we can resolve one issue, the quicker we can devote our attention to the next. If this were all written out like a formula on a laboratory chalkboard, way down at the bottom right corner you'd see "= Duh!".
Of course we as kick-ass crimefighters appreciate and embrace anything that speeds us up, but don't forget that our kick-ass-ed-ness is only one facet of The Unbelieveables. We're also stylish gents and certain aspects of our lifestyle do not benefit from speedy execution.

Notice how microwave ovens do not have a "FONDUE" setting
Basically, we embrace speed and doing things quickly so we can greater appreciate that which occurs at a more languid pace.
Sure, a jaunt through the country in an extremely fast car can be almost as much fun as a slow and leisurely tour, but where is the young lady supposed to sit?

A hot-oil massage delivered in a hurry? Not unless your lover is into grease fires, chum.

And of course, when it comes to the making of the love... well, actually, that's a poor example; there's really no good reason not to just take care of business and get back out there on the streets lickety split (so to speak). You're a busy guy! She'll understand. Probably. 

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