Monday, February 17, 2014

The Fact Of The Matter

Everybody survived Valentine's Day, right?

Super. That's good to hear. Then we can move along, secure in the knowledge the "holiday" is not only well behind us but that we won't have to poke that particular lion with a stick until next year. On to other matters ...

... but before we do, let's review a few facts about The Unbelievables for a moment, shall we? 
  • It's a given The Unbelievables are exceptional crime fighters of unparalleled degree. (Duh.)
  • It's also a given we're mavens and front runners of fashionable attire. (After all @StylishGents IS our Twitter handle. Need anything more be said?)
  • Additionally it's a given we have no equal when it comes to wooing / entertaining / humoring etc. the ladies. (Hello, Ladies!)

However ... there's a certain little known fact most of you don't know about us you might find surprising. (And let's be honest: There have been tons of times you've been startled / pleasantly pleased by revelations The Unbelieveables have offered. You might have even found yourselves jealous of these revelations. And you know what? That's okay. Not everyone can be an Unbelievable. It's an ultra-rare occasion when someone is included in our little circle of "Wow.")

Anyway, that additional little known fact:

The Unbelievables developed speed. 
Yes. "Speed." The thing that gives "fast" its fastness, "swift" its swiftness and "zip" its zippy-ness.

That speed.
Don't get us wrong: This isn't some shenanigan akin to Al Gore developing the internet or Los Del Rio introducing The Macarena.

Father (ahem) of The Internet

Ummmmm ... no ...

We're talkin' good old fashioned get up and go here. Speed, baby ... speed.

"But Michael ... hasn't "speed" been around for a long, long time?" you're probably asking right about now. And that would be a pretty good question. I'm confident you'll be surprised by the answer.

Clark? Jeff? Take it away, boys ...

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