Friday, July 5, 2013

Just a Few Notes

From time to time here at Unbelieva-base, the mail we get is not of the question-and-answer variety, rather it is in the form of the dreaded ransom note. There are a few in today's mailbag, so let's peruse them, shall we? The guys are all here today, so we can give replies 'in real time', so to speak. Here we go...

Michael: That's not our mower.

Jeff: No, it sure isn't.

Clark: HP Sauce? HP? It's the work of that ugly horrid baby Henri Petit. What kind of idiots does he take us for?

Michael: Stupid ugly baby.

Jeff: That's NOT our car.

Clark: No sirree. 

Michael: What kind of threat is that? There is no threat. Just 'we want money for this car'. There's supposed to be an "OR ELSE..." isn't there?

NB. This certainly isn't our car. We have had several, and the way you can tell it's OUR car is obvious. Examples...


Yes, yes, yes.

Yes again.

No. No sexy ladies, and impossible to see out.

Michael: Well, that's just rude.

Clark: Yeah. As if we'd own a Trabant Limo! Hahahaha! Lime green, even! Hahaha!

Jeff: Yeah... that's just, um, ridiculous.

Michael: See you guys later!

Clark & Jeff: Whatever.

Clark: What are you doing?

Jeff: Um, nothing, just checking to see if my phone is fully charged and switched on.

 Clark: I knew he'd figure that out eventually. Stupid baby.

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