Monday, July 15, 2013

In Too Deep

One of the things that occurs around these parts from time to time is having to go undercover. We usually don disguises whilst working on cases, lest our true identities be revealed and the case becomes compromised. However, sometimes we have to be in what is known to professionals (like ourselves) as deep cover. This is when we are so far undercover that even our own proctologist wouldn't recognize us, and believe me, that's saying something.

Well, the reason I am saying all this is because this particular week, Michael is on a solo undercover deep cover mission. Well, you might think to yourself that it's a bit dumb for me to be telling you he's in deep cover. You might think that that would blow the whole assignment. But you'd be wrong. He really is that far undercover that I could stand on the rooftop and use a massive PA system to shout to the whole world, "ATTENTION EVERYONE! MICHAEL'S IN DEEP COVER!" and criminals the world over would hear it and go, "Whatever. We haven't a hope in hell of figuring out where he is or what he looks like currently."

I suppose you'd like some examples, wouldn't you?

The following are all genuine photographs of Michael, Clark or myself (or all three of us) while in deep cover. Try to spot us, won't you? Make a game out of it.

Hello, ladies!

See? I told you. When in deep cover, we cannot be spotted. Now, I suppose you'd like the answers, would you? Okay. I have circled clumsily where an Unbelievable can be seen in each picture.

See you back here on Wednesday for more undercover fun.

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