Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Birthday to the ultimate Unbelieva-babe!

(We'll return to your regularly scheduled stylish adventure after this...)

Now you know we love the ladies, ALL the ladies, all the time. However, we would be less than honest if we were to give any of you gals the impression that you ever have a shot at being our #1. That spot is reserved always and forever for our one and only. We're used to fighting evil-doers and crime-committers of all kinds but the only dame that ever caused us to fight among ourselves is Monica Lewis, a fight I'm convinced that I've won because there's no question she likes me more than Jeff and Michael.
Anyway, today is Monica's 91st birthday and we are united in wishing her an Unbelievably Happy Birthday!
And to the rest of you ladies out there, there's nothing wrong with competing for second place!


  1. In reverence of Ms. Lewis' birthday, Michael and Jeff have collectively decided, without argument, to let Clark believe she likes him more than us.

  2. Thanks for the sweet birthday wishes and generally wwell comments, fellas!

    Love always,
    Monica Lewis
    (ever-grateful at the new age of 91)