Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Thumping Good Reads

Ooops! Sorry, folks, Jeff here. I was meant to check in with you all yesterday but I got side-tracked a little, I had a thing, y'know, it was one of those, uh... I had to see a man about a, y'know, uh...

Alright. I will fess up. I was reading. Magazines. Sometimes a guy has to just kick back and spend some time catching up on his reading material. We Unbelievables subscribe to some magazines, yet we get very little time to just relax with a copy of our favourite magazine and just chill, you know?

So what was I reading? Well, if you insist.

Bonnie Logan and June Wilkinson, two of our Unbelievababes, who went on to bigger things and are now working the "Park and Lock It" on the Vegas Strip.
Photography tips. That's Clark on the floor there.
Fitness advice...

As soon as the guys aren't lookin'... those two "Giant Posters" will be on my bedroom wall.
There were a couple more in the pile of magazines in the mailroom that intrigued me. I am not sure which of my compadres subscribed to them, but I am guessing that THIS was Michael's...

and I suppose, by process of elimination, this has to belong to Clark.

He can spot a piece of beef a mile off.

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