Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanks For Giving


With the bird having been in the oven since last night, the cranberry freshly prepared and all other foodstuffs ready to go, The Unbelievables are looking forward to tons of festivities this long weekend, festivities to rival ... well ... past Thanksgivings.

And that includes the first ever Unbelieva-Babes all-Thanksgiving calendar.

Jeff showcased some of the pictorials the gals are planning for the extravaganza and I - in between food preparation and getting Jeff to peel the potatoes (not such a difficult chore) - managed to kype a few myself. 

Care for an additional pre-ogle? That's what I thought ...

Some of the girls are ecstatical about doing the calendar ...

Some of the gals? They're being a bit to literal about the entire affair.

"Wishfully" cute ...

This one (entitled "dead bird walking") was a reject.

One of the Unbelieva-Babe's moms tried sneaking one in.
This one was nixed before it got too far ...

Yes, we wondered if there was anything underneath that apron.
Your guess is as good as ours.

One caring Unbelieva-Babe thought it a good idea
to make the bird feel a bit more "loved" ...
... prior to its decapitation.

Both Clark and Jeff "stood in" for the fowl in this image.
To see if the pose worked, you understand.
(Uh huh.)

Clark will wrap up the week (tomorrow!) with ... well ... we're not certain. 

But whatever it is it's probably a good idea to be prepared. In the meantime:

Cripes and cripes! I need to get to gettin' ... !!! The guys have already started polishing everything off!
Clark and Jeff in au natural. Typical.

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