Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Facial profiling

It feels good to have been able to help Robert Silverberg/Loren Beauchamp turn his life around and make such a positive impact on the literary scene. But he was not the first to have been seemingly led astray by the arrangement of hairs across his visage. In fact, here's a partial rogue's gallery of facial follicle fiends...
(L to R) Val KillMore, "Lipless" Louie LaChance, Francis "Fuzzy Bollocks" Fingerman, Gordon Gozook

(L to R) Captain Sid Squidmore, Stan "Crazy Eyes" McGeedle, Ted "The Rogue" Rogers, Dr. Pavel Pachabel

(L to R) Lancelot Lurksalot, Claude "The Disappointer" Burnbottom, Ed "What? It's just a mustache! Don't get all bent out of shape, rabbi" Bleen (AKA "The Passive Aggressor") General Sergei Von Grut

(L to R) "Smarmy Joe" Woodcock, Dick "Dirt" Tidrow, Felix "The Iron Douche" Skidmarque, Henry "The Squisher" Gloomgard
What do all these dirtbags have in common? One thing. It appears each was influenced into a life of crime by this ad...
And who, pray tell, is responsible for this ad? I will let Jeff fill you in on Friday.

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