Friday, October 31, 2014

It's (Not So Much) A Halloween Mystery

Negative Charge
The single-most puzzling (and polite) villain ever

Remember Monday's post? Where Clark suggested you send entries into us to be judged Halloween Day? This very day?

And Jeff's? Wherein he intimated cryptically "there may be a prize in it for you" ... ???

Have you seen the comment sections on both those posts? You'll notice they're blank as a 5th grader's newly purchased spiral-bound notebook - as blank as the day they were created.

Now, as popular as The Unbelievables are, you might be asking yourself: "Hey ... Unbelievables: How can this possibly be?!? Where are all the entries?"

Well ... we thought that very same thing. And, doing a little digging, we've got an answer for you ...

It just so happens 1,258 entries were submitted to both Clark's and Jeff's posts combined. Not a single one of them showed up on the site though.

And currently? There's no way those entries are showing up any time soon.

How do we know this? Is there anyone behind the gaff? You bet your sweet Aunt Patootie we know:

So called "Master Of Electricity" Negative Charge.

He and his "minions" Kevin, Bob and Ted are the instigators and "master minds" behind the absence of entries with Negative Charge himself taking full credit for the deed. How do we know this?

A letter we received from the dolt:

Dear Unbelievables:

Thought I would pull a little Halloween "prank" on you and your plans to hold a costume contest. (Sorry ... but, you know ... I'm a villain. It's my nature.)

Consider it "payback" for you three foiling my plans over the years. (Apologies for holding a grudge.)

Negative Charge

P.S. Again, please accept my heartfelt acknowledgments for messing with your contest. It's what I do.

(Seriously, the guy is one of the weirdest super criminals we've ever encountered. Who apologizes for being bad?)

So, Charge put the ki-bosh on our contest plans, folks. We know all of you we're looking forward to some high-falutin' costumed fun. Things don't always work out. The best laid plans, y'unnerstan' ...

As consolation, I'm providing one of my all-time favorite (and puzzling) costumes ever:

I absolutely love this costume ...

At any rate, have a Happy Halloween, Unbelieva-Fans ... !!!

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