Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Total Effects, Part 2


I assume you all saw this on Monday...

What could it mean? Why would someone anonymous drop it off at our place with a cryptic message attached? Why would anyone assume that three well-groomed gentlemen such as ourselves would require any 'revitalizing foam cleanser'? And what's it got to do with the price of fish? 

First, we took it to the Unbelieva-Lab for analysis, where it was quickly determined to be nothing more than bubble solution, which can be found in any dollar store or joke shop. So a quick phone call to the number on the above sticker put us in touch with a confused Wal*Mart employee. 

The Wal*Martian person agreed with us that this was a queer turn of events.

Whence did the tube of soapy crud originate, he asked.

Nary a clue, quoth I.

So, coming up against a dead end, we went back to the CCTV footage, to see if we could see anything in the grainy video that might provide us with a starting point.

Well, yes, it did.

This blurry shot of a '63 GMC pickup with a bad conversion job told us a lot. Check out that bumper sticker. Uncle Bill's Flea Market. North Carolina. We've had dealings with them before.

I think it's time we paid a visit to this so-called "Uncle Bill" and find out what he knows about knock-off merchandise. Maybe then we can figure out why someone thinks we should be involved...

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