Monday, March 3, 2014

At a loss

Well, now we don't know what to do.
JEFF: So Michael is a hostage?
CLARK: I guess. Looks like that little mugwump Petit lied to me. And after I only kicked him out of a second story window instead of the fifth floor. That's what I get for showing mercy, I guess.
JEFF: What do you think we should do? Wait, like Petit says, or go get him?
CLARK: Go get him, I guess. The picture shows him tied up.
JEFF: Which he likes.
CLARK: That's true.
JEFF: Do we give Petit his stupid pictures back? It's not like we want them. That could be the easiest answer.
CLARK: I threw them away for that reason.
JEFF: Hmm. That could be problematic.
CLARK: I mean, I just threw them away. We could just take them out of the recycling bin.
JEFF: Nah, I don't want to do all that.
CLARK: That's true. The recycling bin being all the way over there and all.
JEFF: Isn't this a puzzle. I honestly don't know how we should proceed.
CLARK: Let's sit back and think about it and see if a sign presents itself. JEFF: That's as good an idea as any at this point.
While we do that, if anybody has suggestions as to what our next plan of action should be, please share them with us via the comments below. Go save Michael, or what?

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