Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Michael Is Missing Again - Or Is He?

Well, what a to-do! Michael kidnapped. That pug-ugly baby Henri Petit seemingly responsible. Hmmm.

Is that the only possible explanation for Michael's absence?


I seem to recall an incident not too far removed from memory where Michael was conspicuous by his not being around. Don't you?

Let me refresh your memory.

And then there was this little excursion...

Something tells me that all is not what it seems.

Whatever is occurring is not unusual for Michael, aka Enigma Chap, aka Mystery Boy. He thrives on being unpredictable. He likes to keep us guessing. Which makes me wonder if all of this isn't just a cunning ruse to keep EVERYONE, including Henri Petit, guessing. 

So here's a little message for Henri Petit.

We are on to you, bucko. We know you'd like for us to think that you have Michael. We know you just left those stupid photos in our back room by accident. (we tossed them in the shredder, by the way, right after we fished them out of the recycling bin. Yes, I did it eventually. We drew straws for it.

Clark's pic.

Mine was more action-packed.
Anyway, you can't have them back, because now they are lining our hamster cage.)

It is clear that Michael is working on some way to shut you up once and for all, and if I know Michael like I think I know Michael, when he finally nabs you, you will NOT see it coming, infant-man-person. So push off.

Yours, The Unbelievables (minus Michael, but we know he thinks the same way about you, so push off.)

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