Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dear Unbelievables ...

So let's say you're a guy and you have absolutely NO clue when it comes to women. What do they want, how can you attract a mate, what does it take to make women want you? Well, we here at Unbelievable Central get lots of letters and emails from lovelorn guys asking for advice from us about one particular day of the year. 

Yes, that's right - it's one day till Valentine's Day, bub. If you want to have some female company (Hello, ladies!) tomorrow evening (or at any time of the day, come to that) you need a few simple tips and tricks from your men in the know, The Unbelievables. Because as you know, not only do we fight crime all over the globe, we also kick butt in the love department. So listen up, pay attention, and you just might find love tomorrow (or maybe even sooner)!

Job 1: Flinging woo at the ladies

Let's assume you have singled out the right girl - how do you get her to go out with you (yes, you!) on a date?

Try impressing her with your sense of style.

Hello, ladies!


These guys are doing it right.

Very, VERY wrong.

You could send her a card...

Give her a heart-shaped balloon...

Or send flowers, delivered by yourself (in a classy fashion, naturally).

Sometimes a cool gift does the trick.


Job 2: The Date

She's agreed to a date, but where do you take her? You could take her out to a classy eatery:

No Ring? Give Her Wings!

Or you could go the extra mile, show off your culinary expertise and make her dinner at your place...

What could be groovier than a heart-shaped steak?

Everyone loves a Cheeseburger and a bottle.

Because she's a regular gal.

This is actually very clever, but you might wanna lose the beard.

 Of course you will have gotten your ingredients from a top-notch establishment.

Make sure you've rented some high-quality movies to watch together.

And naturally your ergonomic multi-purpose furniture will make her realise what a practical dude you are.

And speaking of the bar, you still have that cocktail recipe cheat sheet from that vacation you took in Waukegan, right?

If all goes well food-wise, a naughty/sexy gift will make her laugh and put her in the mood!

And later, a parting gift to say 'thanks for such a wonderful date' is such a nice touch.

However, what might seem at first blush a lovely gift bought with good intentions, may seem to your date a little tasteless...

It's OK - they're affordable.

So there you are. we've walked you through all the steps to get your girl and provide her with an evening she will never forget. And if all else fails, don't panic. Nobody ever says no to a ride on a see-saw!

But just in case it doesn't happen for you...

You can always rely on Walgreens.

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