Monday, June 13, 2016

Mail Bag: When You're Weary

Hi folks, it's time once again to open up the ol' mail sack and answer a few of our many fan letters. This one comes from Constance Noring of Sunbeam, ID:
Hey guys,

I am always so tired, and I keep drinking those energy drink things like Crimson Goat, Scarlet Tortoise and Vermilion Lemur. I think I might be getting addicted! How do you guys cope with tiredness?

Your friend, Constance
Well, Constance, there are all sorts of ways to give yourself a quick energy boost. Here's a few of our Top Tips!

1. Eat your breakfast. People who eat breakfast every morning report less fatigue and stress than people who skip it. Help yourself to an Unbelieva-Breakfast for when you know it's gonna be a long time till dinnertime.

2. Do a downward dog. Or as we like to call it, "Face Down, Ass Up".

3. Belt out your favorite tune.

 Singing gives you a kind of emotional high while it reduces levels of stress hormones in your body. However, if you're at work and you work with lots of folks, don't be alarmed at this reaction:

Top Tip: Save your jazz scat vocals for the drive home.

4. Have a drink of water. Dehydration can leave you feeling drained and fatigued, so grab a drink of water. Even in the park.

5. Go nuts. Eat a handful of almonds or peanuts, which are high in magnesium and folate (folic acid). These nutrients are essential for energy and cell production. Try taking the shells off first for optimum effect.

6. Cinnamon or mint.

 Some people say that just a whiff can reduce fatigue and make them feel more alert. Pop into Dollar Tree and grab these.

7. Exercise. Duh!

8. Sunshine. Research suggests that just a few minutes of walking outside on a warm, clear day may enhance mood, memory, and the ability to absorb new information. 

They say elephants never forget.

9. Have a bite. Your brain needs fuel to function at its best. And you can't go wrong with this simple sandwich.

 So there we have it, Constance. A few easy tips for a quick pep-you-up whenever needed. Like at stakeouts, or all-night Poker-and-Old-Grand-Dad sessions.

The guys will dip into the mail bag again later in the week!

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