Friday, May 22, 2015

Men Of Action, That's Who The Unbelievables Are

"Jeff and Michael have their own pet projects that have yet to yield completely satisfactory results."

That Clark.

You've got to love the guy ... but sometimes he's just plain wrong. (He can also get overloaded with some pretty jealous snits on occasion. You know how possessive and over the top he is about his Corvette.)

As I was saying ... in the example of his quotation above from earlier this week, it's simply false. (Well ... mostly.)

I'll admit: My idea about Franco-American Spaghetti some time ago didn't exactly fly ...

... but give me credit where credit is due. At least I gave it the old college try.

And ... hello! Did each of you (Clark included) completely forget about The Michael Noble Good Time Whoopie Straw with its patented bendie action and sanitary hermetical seal for your protection? Not to mention its ability to provide safe and sane enjoyment anytime, anywhere. I'd say that was a pretty damned nifty invention for the time ... and still going strong today, I might add.

Yes, yes ... some of my other ideas didn't go over too well ... or even get off the ground for that matter.

But I'm not here to mull over failures and coulda/shouda/wouldas.

Instead, let's focus a moment on one of The Unbelievables' most amazing inventions, one in which we all had a hand. (And more!)

Of course I'm talking about this: 

Yep ... the #207 Briefwear Brief Zip with zippered front! Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway):

These! Briefs! Sold! By! The! Boatload!

It was one of our greatest merchandising successes! And one of the coolest marketing ideas we ever came up with was employed exclusively with this product:

We offered them for a strictly limited time. You had to buy them chop-chop because, at any moment, they could be gone, daddy gone.

And, just for fun, every once in a while we'd bring them back for a couple weeks to tantalize our adoring public (you know ... Christmastime, Labor Day, that sort of thing) ... and then, just as quickly, << WHISK! >> they were gone once again.

That's what made them the popular, much-sought-after item the dapper gent had to have. And at $3.99 they were a bargain. 

As mentioned, we all had input on the design, marketing and distribution campaigns for these babies. I came up with the zippered front innovation, Clark was instrumental in suggesting they double as swim trunks and Jeff came up with the fantastic idea to add the "Word Of Warning" in the ad copy. Brilliant! (We're still are at odds as to which of us was used for the physique illustration in the ad. Realistically, it has elements of each of us. The truth may never be known ...)

Bottom line? Fashion: It's one of our middle names. Boom.

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