Friday, January 9, 2015

How Preposterous

It really is amazing to me, and the guys too, that there are still people out there who are dumb enough to believe that there exists a "kit" or a magic button or one-size-fits-all tonic that, once used, automatically makes one an Unbelievable (or at least, something comparable to an Unbelievable). I mean, c'mon - if there was, don't you think we'd have (a) investigated it, (b) reported on it, and (c) debunked its usefulness by now?

Truth is, we Unbelievables have always been Unbelievable - even when we were kids we were Unbelievable and didn't even know it. Although there were times when we would perplex and frustrate our parents and/or teachers to the extent that they would respond with "You are UNBELIEVABLE!!" or "This mess is UNBELIEVABLE!! Clean it up now!!" but that's not what I mean, is it?

Us, in first grade, being Unbelievable as usual.

And those amongst you with an elephantine memory probably remember a while back when we talked about using a kit - The "Sooper Disguise-O-Matic Undercover Kit" to be precise. 

It's the only kit we've ever used in our crime fighting escapades and we intend to keep things that way. Because when you are an Unbelievable, it's only due to years of diligence and study, mastery of all things (especially Unbelieva-Zen) and a passion for justice. In short, you have to be born Unbelievable.

So don't ever waste your time looking for a "quick fix" to make you Unbelievable. Because you can't.

No matter how well you play nude volleyball, make whipped potatoes or drive your cool car.

Got it??

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