Friday, January 16, 2015

Fight The (Cranky) Powers That Be

When I saw Clark begin this week's theme, an automatic sigh came rushing out of me and I could feel a "grump" forming low in my stomach.

No one wants to hear about The Unbelievables' personal quirks! Especially when they take downward turns and our moods become less than exuberant.

But then I thought: "Of course they do! Folks need to hear we're not always perfect!" (Well ... beside our perfect fashion sense, that is ...)

The world does indeed need to hear about stuff like this. Because we're human, too. Each of us get in a funk here and there. And if, by relating some of our solutions to defunking ourselves, our tales aid in any way to the betterment of John and Jane Q. Public out there then we're doing our responsible duty.

Because it's practically a crime to be sullen and surly. You've heard it takes more effort to be crabby than cheerful, haven't you? It's true. More muscles are involved when you're churlish, it takes unnecessary and wasted power to maintain that testiness and no one wants to be around you if you're going to snap their heads off. It's a whole lot easier to put on a happy face.

So ... when I saw where Clark was going I wasn't pleased in the least. But Jeff brought up the rear and saved the day in grand fashion! It was a swift rescue from disgruntledness when he stated the obvious, my first law.

And its "au natural" equal and opposite mood-changer: Pantslessness.

Zounds! The freedom! The joy! The abandonment of constraint! The free rein of full swing! (So to speak.)

To wit, I am unable to convey the pure exhilaration of going "pants-free" via mere words. They couldn't possibly do justice to the feeling. It's something you have to experience. The euphoria you feel ... the elation of it all automatically wipes your foul mood into nothing. Drop "trou" and you immediately forget the fact you were in a foul mood to begin with.

Here's the simple solution for you if you find yourself becoming irrational of if you are stuck right smack dab in the middle of "non compos mentis" ...

  • 1) Stand in front of a mirror. (Any mirror will do but a full-length mirror will provide you with the full effect of enlightenment.) Make certain your legs are slightly apart.
  • 2) Drop those pants to the ground. (Yes ... the underwear get relieved of their duty as well.)
  • 3) Put your hands on your hips in a show of confidence.
  • 4) Watch that lowdown mood instantly lift and that smile shine upon your face. << BOOM >>

Again: You're welcome, world.

(Side Note: If you decide to ramp things up and attempt some acrobatic trampoline moves sans pants and you've never done so previously, expect to become addicted to it. And with wild abandon.)

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