Monday, December 8, 2014

We might have a big (screen) problem

Dedicated, devoted readers (and what other kind is there?) will remember when we talked about the short-lived BBC show "The Unreliables", an effort to humiliate us (as if). That show was cancelled due to bad ratings, but that hasn't stopped some fancy boys in Hollywood from developing the thing as a movie! We probably should have seen this coming, as turning TV shows into motion pictures is something that's been taking place for some time. It doesn't matter if the source material was any good, or even popular, to begin with The problem is, since it's a movie about a TV show that was a parody of us in the first place, we probably don't have a legal leg to stand on in terms of shutting it down. Thankfully, the producers have recognized that they don't want to be on our bad side and are allowing us some limited input on the production. I can tell you right now, I'm not entirely thrilled with dialogue like this:

GEOFF: Well, we're in danger again and completely unequipped to deal with it on any level. What should we do?MICKEY: We could ask a woman for help.MARK: We don't know any, remember? In spite of our incessant boasting, the truth is that we're actually very bad at women!GEOFF: He's right. Among our many, many, many issues is that we're not open enough with our feelings. MICKEY: Our lack of emotional depth is probably why we're so selfish and generally inadequate. MARK: Sometimes my penis doesn't even work.

Yeah, we're gonna need some red pens. And this doesn't even take into account things like casting, locations, soundtrack, merchandising. I'm sure the guys have thoughts on these concerns and maybe others.

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