Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Re-Volting Development chapter 2

When Jeff sent us this picture:
We were deeply concerned. That looks like some scary stuff. Michael and I went right down to Join Jeff at the A-1 Kwik Kwality Sparky Corp. Inc. and Co. Ltd. We were greeted at the front door by this fellow
wearing a computer monitor on his head. He was very excited to see us. "OhmyGod, The Unbelievables! You guys, they showed up! My plan worked!", he screamed to some guys in an office behind him, the guys being shocked in the above photo. He ushered us inside and offered us seats and soft drinks. We weren't there for a social visit and wanted to know what this was all about. "What's this all about?", Michael asked. "Oh! Well, see, I'm a super villain and this is my base of operations. I am... Negative Charge, the master of electricity! And you, The Unbelievables, are my prisoners!" "Uh huh", I answered. "And who are those guys and why were you shocking them?" "Ah, my minions! They do my evil bidding!" One of the guys spoke up. "Hi. I'm Kevin. We work here and he's our supervisor. Sometimes he duct tapes tasers to his hands and zaps us. He says it makes us work faster. It's kind of annoying." "Why do you put up with it?",Michael asked. "Well, the pay is decent and the  benefits package is top-notch. It's actually not a bad work environment, aside from the tasing." One of the others chimed in, "We wear jeans on Fridays and sometimes there are mini-muffins in the breakroom. Hey guys, I'm Bob and that's Ted", introducing the entire staff. Ted waved but continued working at his computer. "Enough talk!", Negative Charge butted in. "My turn! I am in charge here! I control the electricity, I control these minions, I control the distribution of baked goods here in the office, and now...NOW, I control you, The Unbelievables. He raised his hands menacingly towards us and Jeff said, "Please don't tase us." He said, "Give me one reason why I shouldn't?" and I said "Because we don't like that and would appreciate it if you didn't do it." He seemed taken aback, and said, "Oh. Well, all right then" and lowered his hands un-menacingly. "Hey!", the guy named Kevin yelled and Negative Charge said, "Silence!". Jeff said, "Thank you. And since we're asking for favors, could we please have our electricty back at our secret headquarters? We have all kinds of important computers and other crime-fighting gizmos that we can't operate without it. I mentioned that there was almost a full gallon of butter pecan ice cream in the freezer that was at serious risk of melting. "Oh", said Negative Charge. "I'm sorry but I can't do that. This is my first go as a super villain and it would look really bad for me if I just gave you back your power. I mean, I set up here in Stiletto Flats for the express purpose of engaging you, The Unbelievables. If I cave right in just because it would just wreck my credibility. I mean, I just got this helmet to fit properly", as he pointed to the monitor on his head. "Nothing personal, you understand." "Of course", Michael said. "Do you mind if I talk to the boys for a second?" "Oh, by all means!" Michael huddled us all together and whispered, "My research is about to pay off. I think I have just the thing to send this evil yet thoroughly considerate and polite ne'er do well a message. Let's 'light him up', guys. Commence 'Operation: Blackout'". We didn't say anything and Michael said, "What?". Jeff shook his head sadly and said, "You're better than that." 
But anyway, we did Michael's plan, which he will tell you about next! 

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