Friday, December 13, 2013

Len Scapp, unofficial official Unbelievables photojournalist

What The Unbelievables are to international crime-fighting and romance, Len Scapp is to the world of art and fashion photography. He's stylish, charming, flambouyant, passionate and utterly adored by the ladies (hello ladies!). He's also infatuated with us.
Shortly after the interaction that Jeff detailed previously, he scrapped all of his other projects and devoted his life to following us around and documenting our adventures. "The Unbelievables! They shall be my greatest accomplishment, a never-ending, always-changing, work-in-progress, sexy and violent real life performance art captured in an ongoing series of still photographs!" That description, delivered in person by Len to the World Humanity Organization of Art (W.H.O.A) led them to present him with a lifetime achievement award which came with a self-repleneshing annual grant of $3 million, a huge trophy, free french fries at Hardee's/Carl's Jr and an uncomfortably moist hug from W.H.O.A chief administrator Maurizio Von Skreech.

"Where are you going? I was not quite finished hugging you! Wait...okay, never mind. I am done now."
Of course, we're very proud of our role in helping Len reach this level of achievement but he's a highly talented artist in his own rite, as illustrated by some of his previously published art installations...

This is from "A World Without Lighters". It was followed in quick succession by "Models Without Hair".

This one is from "Miniature Models Making Major Messes". Len sought the smallest models he could find, paired them with the largest props possible and spent two weeks screaming, "KNOCK IT OVER! THAT'S IT! SPILL IT! SPILL IT, YOU GORGEOUS, FRAIL, UNDERAGED, ANOREXIC, NOT-QUITE-A-MIDGET, NARCISISTIC WAIF!!" and capturing the results on film.

Of course, this is from "Paging M.C. Escher" in which high fashion models in haute couture were displayed on architecturally impossible sets, given a cell phone and told to call the famed Dutch graphic artist and ask him how to get down.

"Carl's Jr.". We're not sure but we have a feeling that Len just really likes Carl's Jr.

This is all fine with us. Len's a good enough guy and we kind of like having our work documented. But in spite of what people think, he is NOT our official photographer. That honor belongs exclusively to none other than the even more stylish, charming, flambouyant, passionate and mononymous Sprezzatura.

Hello Sprez!!

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