Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dispute Resolution: A Few Examples

Yes ... dispute resolution. 

Just one more thing in which The Unbelievables excel.

Example: While in Washington to accept one of our many accolades (this particular time it was a presidential commendation for crime fighting) we were invited to sit in on a press conference for some such. There was a big hullabaloo on the set between the producers and director who couldn't figure out which would be the better format - black & white or color. Color, the producers said, would usher in a feeling of realism and "nowness" foisting confidence that the government was "with the times." Black & white, the director argued, would minimize the background noise and help focus on the issue at hand (whatever it was). 

You can see the results of the our efforts in assisting to resolve the debate: Both color and black & white in the same scene. 

"Brilliant!" the producers and director shouted simultaneously as they applied hearty back slaps to Jeff, Clark and myself for getting them out of a sticky jam. The session ended with a celebratory party, lots of champagne and even more praises for us.

Another Example: The sinister Dame Frederica had issues with men all her life. She would rather kill them then let them pass her on the sidewalk. 

The Unbelievables managed to quell those evil tendencies (along with additional jail time) by utilizing the simple technique of "pulling men's strings" while she wore nothing but her undergarments. We're proud to say Dame Frederica still remains outside the hoosegow today.

Of note, it's interesting Clark brought up the dinner dish fiasco between husband and wife last post. Because - not only did we define fighting fairness and, thus, dispute resolution - it instigated the development of one of our most innovative products of the time: Fistipuffs by The Unbelievables.

Naturally, with any popular product, imitators come out of the woodwork. In the case of Fistipuffs, the cheap Socker Boppers were launched with a marketing campaign of renown. 

Jeff will clue you into some of the details of how our invention got ripped off by Charles "Chuckie" Swift, seen below with a Socker Boppers display in a Woolworth department store.

Bastard ...

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  1. I had Socker Boppers AND Belly Boppers. What does that say about me? Huh? HUH?