Friday, August 23, 2013

I'm Cuckoo (Clock) For Sweden

 All of a sudden, there's no work to be done! It's all vacation time!

While Jeff and Clark are busy monkeying around in Switzerland, I decided to make merry in Sweden! I've "taken leave" on my own to venture out and partake of even more than what the Swiss have to offer.

Smörgåsbord me, Baby ... !!!

Fun in the Swedish sun! Better cuckoo clocks! Even more cheese galore! Smörgåsbords! Delights for everyone!

Personally, I don't have time to fool around with handbags outrageously priced at tens of thousands of dollars. *pshah* I'll leave that to the other guys.

(The chocolate I can do without, too. I've never been a big fan ...)

Yep. I'm a huge knäckebröd fan. Pass the butter ...

But ... Holy Crow! The fondue parties they can toss! The knäckebröd! Swedish meatballs all around! I'm in food heaven over here!

Swedish yum!

And, while visiting? The only hope and dream I have is to find out where Max Von Sydow lives. I have a super secret timepiece that's certain to clue me in as to his whereabouts in this lovely country ...

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